1. Why should I join the membership of HKIPA?
We are one of the professional bodies incorporated in Hong Kong. We would like to represent the views of patent practitioners and advance the professional standing and recognition via our training programs.   

2. What are the benefits of joining HKIPA as a member?
We will inform our members for any update news / events / seminars / training courses / consultancy study related to the fields of Patent & Intellectual Property. Our members can enjoy a discount if we are the organizer /supporting organization of some events.

3. What is the difference between Full Members & Associate Members?
Only Full Members have voting rights.

4. How to be Certified Patent Engineers (HKIPA)?
Engineers or Scientists (as defined in Group B – please refer to Membership Levels & Requirements) + PgA (please refer to Education & Training Programs).

Training Courses

1. Do I need to finish the training courses step by step? (CIPL -> PgA -> CiPP)
No. You can apply the training courses if you fulfill the entry requirements.

2. The training courses are open for HKIPA members only?
No. Anyone can enroll for our training courses if they fulfill the entry requirements.

3. If I completed all the training courses (CIPL, PgA & CiPP), can I describe myself as Patent Attorneys?
No. Upon successful completion of each training course, a Certificate will be awarded by the institution.

4. How can I know which level of training course will be suitable for me?
CIPL provides the basic knowledge of intellectual property law including patent, copyright, registered design & trademark.